Welcome to my cluster sounds resource page! If you're learning English as a second language, or if you're a native speaker looking to improve your pronunciation, you may have come across the term "cluster sounds". So, what are cluster sounds?

In English, a cluster sound (also known as a consonant cluster) is a group of two or more consonants that are pronounced together without any vowel sounds in between. These sounds can be challenging for English learners to master, as they require careful attention to mouth placement, breath control, and overall mouth movement.

On this page, I've compiled a list of common cluster sounds in English, along with some practice exercises to help you improve your pronunciation. By learning these sounds and practising them regularly, you can become a more confident and effective speaker of English.


/sl/ /pl/ /fl/ /kl/ /bl/ /gl/
sledge place floor clock black glaze
sleeve please flow click blend glass
sleep pluck flaw cliche blame glitter
slide plough flip clip bleat glove
slip plume fleece clink blimp glow
slot platter fling clasp bliss global
slow plop flight clique blight glisten
slogan plot inflate clinic blunder gloss
slot pluck flow cloak blob glittery
slug plod inflatable clunky blurt glorious
sloppy plaid flaw clucking blunder gloom
slope ploughshare infield clockwork blob gloat
slouch plausibly infielder clockmaker blowout glacier
slick plant inflated cloakroom blip glimmering
slimmer plastic inflator cliquey blight glamorous
slender plaster flammable clog blanch glance
slavery plenteous flamingo clicker blanket gladiator
slash plentiful flavour clinch blabber glamour
slay pledge inflatable clod blazon gladiator
sleigh plectrum flatulence cleft blunderbuss glanceable
sloganize plenteousness flash clerk blather gladness
  pliability flatbread clavicle   glitterati