Welcome to my cluster sounds resource page! If you're learning English as a second language, or if you're a native speaker looking to improve your pronunciation, you may have come across the term "cluster sounds". So, what are cluster sounds?

In English, a cluster sound (also known as a consonant cluster) is a group of two or more consonants that are pronounced together without any vowel sounds in between. These sounds can be challenging for English learners to master, as they require careful attention to mouth placement, breath control, and overall mouth movement.

On this page, I've compiled a list of common cluster sounds in English, along with some practice exercises to help you improve your pronunciation. By learning these sounds and practising them regularly, you can become a more confident and effective speaker of English.


/fr/ /pr/ /tr/ /kr/ /dr/
afraid print translate cricket drink
froze present transport crank drama
fruit principal trial break address
frame property train cranky dream
frontier prove attraction croak dried
freshwater profession contribute crackle dreadful
freeze promise integrity creepy drop
fragrance propaganda distribute crunchy dragon
friction pry tribute crooked dress
freshwater preface transaction crow driveway
forefront propel tradition critique drift
forefront prescription extract crumble drawn
from prism retrospect croquet drought
fragile private intrude creak dread
friendship predate extrinsic cracker dressing
frequency proximity estranged creek driver
fracture precept detract kraken drum
front preoccupy trivia creaky dreadfully
frothy preheat trust crankshaft dramatize
fresh princess trimester crisis drawstring


Cluster sound /fr/: sentences

Francis fried fresh figs for his friends at the French farmhouse.

The fresh fragrance of the French fries from the fryer filled the friendly, frothy atmosphere of the café.

Frank's frantic frog frantically frolicked with his friends in the freezing forest while eating fried French fries.

Cluster sound /pr/: sentences

The project manager's purchase order for the printer was promptly processed by procurement, allowing for the proposal presentation to proceed.

The prankster prince and his friends plotted a prank on the prim and proper princess.

Professor Pritchard's prized prize pig was praised by the press for its perfectly proportioned pork chops.


Cluster sound /tr/: sentences

The transportation industry in this country is constantly evolving with new technological advancements and infrastructure improvements.

The tricky tree troll tried to trick Trevor into taking a treasure that was trapped in a tattered trap.

Trixy the adventurous traveller trekked through treacherous terrain to reach the tranquil tranquillity of the tropical paradise.


Cluster sound /kr/: sentences

Chris grabbed the chrome cross from the crowded crate and cracked it against the creaky door.

The cranky crook crashed the fragile crystal into a thousand fragments on the slick blacktop.

The creeping crocodile crept closer and closer to the crunchy, crackling, crispy crust of the crustacean.

The crankshaft of the old broken-down truck creaked and cracked as it turned on the rugged, rocky terrain.


Cluster sound /dr/: sentences

Drew's driving drama drew a dreadful dream during the drizzle on the drawbridge.

The dragon drew a dramatic dress design and dropped it into the drink while Dr. Drew watched.

Dreadfully drunk, the driver drove his car off the edge of the dry driveway and crashed into a towering cedar tree.