Monthly workshops are held in Central London and tickets can be bought in advance through Eventbrite. There are two options for workshops: an introductory workshop and a more in-depth workshop. A private workshop for a group of up to six participants can also be arranged upon request. The cost for a 90-minute in-person private workshop is £120.

The introductory workshop is a one-time event that provides a basic overview of English pronunciation. Participants will learn about the monophthong chart and the International Phonetic Alphabet and will engage in exercises to distinguish the different sounds. The workshop will also address questions such as how to sound more native-like, and the proper positioning of the tongue and facial muscles for speaking. The goal of the introductory workshop is to provide participants with a strong foundation in English pronunciation and the confidence to speak clearly and effectively.

The in-depth workshops consist of three 90-minute sessions, limited to six participants each. During these workshops, specific areas of pronunciation will be emphasized, such as vowel and consonant sounds, stress and intonation, and speaking with a neutral accent. You can view an example of a past event by clicking here.

The workshop is led by an experienced and knowledgeable English pronunciation trainer, who has a passion for helping people achieve clear and confident speech.

Event information is usually posted on this website, our Facebook group, Twitter, and Eventbrite. To receive email notifications of new events, please complete the following Google form. We look forward to helping you achieve clear and confident English speech!

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