We will be hosting a three-part workshop held on three consecutive Saturdays at Victoria Library. Participants will be limited to a maximum of six people. Participants will be enrolling in all three 90-minute workshops held on three different dates. This short course has been specifically designed to help students master the fundamentals of British English pronunciation.

Join the waiting list: group_workshop @receivedpronunciation.co.uk


Session 01: The basic sounds and tools 

We’ll start with the tools to help us achieve natural British English pronunciation: the monophthong chart and the International Phonetic Alphabet.
These tools will help us accurately identify the target sounds of British English pronunciation. We’ll also take a look at the physiological aspects. How do we shape the mouth, round the lips, and position the tongue so we can replicate the sounds like a native English speaker?

Session 02: Natural Rhythm

During the second session, we’ll study the principles of connected speech and syllable stress. Connected speech helps us transition from one sound to another with ease and fluidity. We will look at the characteristics that help us achieve this: glottal stops, semi-vowels (glide vowels), and weaker forms.

Session 03: Applying what we have learned 

Each participant will read out a script prepared in advance and be given feedback to work on. The script should be no more than 200 words and include vocabulary and expressions that they use regularly.
Each workshop is 90 minutes long, and the number of participants will be limited to six people. Enrollment in the online course materials is also highly recommended (purchased separately).


Session 01: to be announced soon
Session 02: to be announced soon
Session 03: to be announced soon

Location: Victoria Library

Cost per person (including all three workshops): 90GBP