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Learn the accent spoken by British newsreaders, presenters, journalists, and the top British actors in Hollywood.

This website is dedicated to helping you achieve an authentic British RP accent through a variety of resources and services. Whether you're looking for self-study courses, in-person or virtual workshops, or simply helpful tips and tricks, I'm here to help.

Improving your accent can be a challenging and intimidating process. That's why I provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the necessary thought process required to achieve your pronunciation goals. I break down the sounds of the English language, helping you identify the areas that need improvement, and providing specific exercises to help you practice.

My monthly pronunciation workshops in London are a great way to get hands-on experience and interact with other learners. These workshops cover a range of topics and are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

For those who prefer to learn at their own pace, I offer a complete self-study course on Thinkific. This course includes video lessons, audio exercises, and quizzes to test your knowledge and help you track your progress.

I also offer in-person and virtual coaching sessions, so you can receive personalized feedback and guidance from a qualified pronunciation coach.

Whether you're looking to improve your accent for professional reasons or simply to better communicate with native speakers, this site has everything you need to achieve your goals. So why wait? Start your journey to better pronunciation today!

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Personalized Coaching: In-person, Zoom, or Google Meet Sessions Available

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Online Courses


Discover my online courses for natural British English pronunciation. Choose from two courses: Received Pronunciation: Complete Course or the Student Correction Course. The Complete Course is a comprehensive program that includes over 300 lessons, covering everything from basic articulation to connecting sounds more fluidly. With video tutorials, listening exercises, shadowing exercises, and muscle memory exercises, this course takes an average of 50 hours to complete.

The Student Correction Course focuses on correcting the common mistakes made by non-native English speakers based on their linguistic background. This course contains almost 7 hours of video content and is designed for those who are already familiar with the basics of English pronunciation. It introduces students from different language backgrounds, including Russian, German, Polish, American English, Japanese, and Spanish. Both courses offer review exercises and lesson PDFs. Enrol now and speak with confidence!

The Complete Course is available exclusively on Thinkific.

The Student Correction Course is also available on Udemy. Purchase on the Thinkific platform is recommended (includes extra study materials, quizzes and higher encoding rate, etc).